The Purpose of Reality: Lunar by Steve Simpson (Ebook)
The Purpose of Reality: Lunar by Steve Simpson (Ebook)
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The Purpose of Reality: Lunar by Steve Simpson (Ebook)

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Includes Digital Swag: Printable Artwork & Bookmark by artist and author Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson’s remarkable collection of poetry and illustrations is dream-like, playful and wildly inventive. Here is a selection of the beings within:

The detective, who carelessly morphs into birds and insects, and cannot choose between brooding and moping, until a stylish grayscale client with retrolescent highlights appears.

Proteus, Homo Sapiens Beta, who discovered fire and put it out, who created a rudimentary encyclopedia that he pedaled across Gondwanaland on weekends.

Millie, the intrepid librarian, unperturbed by the Dark Solarian or the fearsome kilowasp, who insists that her underlings pay for bibliotactical losses.

The adorable Deija Vitro, Martian Princess of Glass, whose fans line the streets waving Windex spray. Wollongong will never be the same, because her armies have razed it to the ground. “No one will miss it,” she reassured an infatuated follower.

Genre: Poetry | Collection | Speculative Fiction

Includes color illustrations

Ebook | 162pp

ISBN: 978-1-946154-72-9 (Paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-946154-73-6 (Ebook)